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CONTRACTION. An abbreviation; a mode of writing or printing by which some of the letters of a word are omitted. See Abbreviations.

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In this paper, we concentrate on the differences between expansion and contraction in a detection task (measured by simple reaction time) and in a discrimination task (measured by choice reaction time).
But the contractions didn't go away and I called the midwife a few hours later.
Sample: Participants were 20 volunteer female physiotherapists who had correct TrA and PFM contraction confirmed by ultrasound and digital vaginal palpation/ observation of inward perineal movement respectively.
BEIRUT: Contraction in the private sector performance in Lebanon eased a little bit in November, according to BLOMINVEST PMI.
7) Thus, the frequency and force of uterine contractions play a vital role in fertilization.
Information about contraction categories, such as groupsign, or wordsign, or both are also included for each contraction.
Research conducted under NCHRP Project 24-34 clearly indicates that of the three primary scour components (pier, contraction, and abutment), the contraction scour equations exhibit, by far, the least amount of reliability in terms of 1) the conditional probability that the contraction scour estimate will be exceeded during the design event, and 2) the unconditional probability that the contraction scour estimate will be exceeded during the life of the bridge.
1996) shows that most of the mechanical energy produced by phasic muscle contraction is used to produce the jet that moves the scallop.
Meanwhile, Egypt's non-oil private sector shrunk in March for the third month in a row, though at a slower pace than last month's contraction, with output declining and new orders showing a slight pick-up, a corporate survey showed on Sunday.
8 To evaluate the extent of insulin-induced airway hyper-reactivity histamine-mediated airway hyper-responsiveness was taken as standard (control) in our study and was compared to insulin-mediated tracheal smooth muscle contraction.
The Syrian units of Lebanese banks have reported a contraction in net profits.