contractual assurance

See: warranty
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One way that real estate developers can capture the joint demand of golf and green space is by constructing homes on golf courses and charging price premiums for contractual assurance that the green space will persist.
Owners who participate in the Program are eligible to receive federal income tax deductions in exchange for the contractual assurance that they will preserve the building in perpetuity.
While as part of the merger agreement Caremark directors and officers received contractual assurance of standard Directors and Officers insurance, this is usual for almost all companies.
Depending on the business criticality of the functions performed by Satyam, the responses may range from termination, to requests for additional contractual assurances, to 'watchful waiting.
Yes, it seems Smith has contractual assurances that Argentina will have their full team in Glasgow on the 19th of next month - but only if you consider Messi not to be in it.
The Jets are now seeking contractual assurances the London Olympians encounter at the Ricoh on May 6 is safe and will go-ahead as planned.
If they can't get the formal contractual assurances they need on features that are vital to them, they might be better advised to look elsewhere.
When warranted by your risk analysis, you may need to manage certain third-party risks through due diligence, contractual assurances and/or monitoring mechanisms.
These include, for example, when an individual has given unambiguous consent to the transfer, or when the company receiving the data has given contractual assurances of adequate protection.
Bird &Bird's Bickerstaff advises customers to seek contractual assurances from the supplier that such problems will be flagged up early on.
Although the company had been given contractual assurances by the vendor that the necessary consent had been obtained, it had no evidence to prove it.