contractual bond

See: privity
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Earlier, in DRDO, despite a contractual bond, the drop rate of scientists in the middle level ranged from 17 to 20 percent.
If heterosexuals have the right to the pursuit of happiness by forming a contractual bond that the laws of this country honor and uphold, namely marriage, then homosexuals must be granted that same right.
But his stint abroad released him from any contractual bond to the Bairns and paved the way for Fir Park boss Billy Davis to sign him.
She correctly points out that if the Wright Amendment were repealed, we would revert to the terms of the 1968 contractual bond ordinance establishing D/FW Airport and arranging for the airport's funding, which means Love Field's closure," said Hunter.
UMass's contractual bond structures generally require the system to pay debt service costs to a conduit issuer from lawfully available funds.
Both the firms had earlier a long-standing contractual bond and to a large extent Allianz will just shift its market shares to the JV.
Deposits and guarantees required: A contractual bond shall be executed by the successful economic operator(s) and their guarentor(s) in favour of the Highland Council.
Contractual bonds are described as primarily egotistical associations, in which people seek their own fulfillment and use others as an end to their own utility or pleasure.