contractual bond

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Earlier, in DRDO, despite a contractual bond, the drop rate of scientists in the middle level ranged from 17 to 20 percent.
"This agreement will deepen our relationship, and create a contractual bond between the EU and your country.
If heterosexuals have the right to the pursuit of happiness by forming a contractual bond that the laws of this country honor and uphold, namely marriage, then homosexuals must be granted that same right.
But his stint abroad released him from any contractual bond to the Bairns and paved the way for Fir Park boss Billy Davis to sign him.
After the reforms of the abbe Bignon in the 1690s, this began to change so that at the end of his period they could find their places along three indices: "as individuals they continued to enjoy a personal social standing which varied from person to person; as scientists they had their place in the international republique des lettres which included the newer academies founded in the provinces and Paris, as well as the institutions created elsewhere in Europe; and as academicians they were tied to the crown in a contractual bond" (p.
Deposits and guarantees required: A contractual bond shall be executed by the successful economic operator(s) and their guarentor(s) in favour of the Highland Council.
The Commissioner said that a SAA would "deepen our economic and political relations, and forge a contractual bond between the EU and Serbia and Montenegro".
Both the firms had earlier a long-standing contractual bond and to a large extent Allianz will just shift its market shares to the JV.
The timeframe to pursue contractual bonds is governed by the language in each bond so it is important to read the bonds.
Across this network: information and knowledge communication flows can be viewed as the 'weak bonds' of sociological/ethnographic networks, and; resource and contractual bonds as 'strong bonds' of economic networks.
Unethical labor practices In supply chain 36% Non-delivery of, or non-payment for, goods 32% Failure of manufacturing process/quality assurance 23% Transport disruption 23% Product recall 20% Failure to honour buyer or supplier credits 18% Wrongful calling of contractual bonds 18% Piracy 17% Failure of governance (fraud, bribery, corruption) 17% Failure to honour letters of credit or bank guarantees 12% Don't know/Not applicable/Other 8% Source: ACE Note: Table made from bar graph.
Contractual bonds are described as primarily egotistical associations, in which people seek their own fulfillment and use others as an end to their own utility or pleasure.