contractual clause

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Buchanan said there was a contractual clause in the original deal that determined in the event of a dispute, that the argument would be referred to arbitration.
Speaking after the defeat, Lee stated his desire for a rematch but Warren has confirmed that there is no contractual clause for another fight between the pair.
This contractual clause is a form of penalty on companies for not drilling within the initial exploration period.
Carver says he does not know the contractual clause which would guarantee a new deal and says he will pick his team on merit.
This move would circumnavigate a contractual clause which could potentially still entitle the Ricoh's current sporting tenants, Coventry City, to 'first option' rights on the charity's shares in ACL.
Any move would be held up by a complicated contractual clause between Bayer Leverkusen, Can's club, and Bayern Munich, who had sold him to them a year earlier.
And regarding the contractual clause that will prevent the 27-year-old from trying to build upon that performance at Villa Park, Hughes said: "It is one of those things.
On data transfers to third countries, at an informal Council in January in Athens, the ministers considered three security approaches: a positive decision by the Commission when it finds that protection standards are acceptable in the third country (which can be withdrawn if standards decline), a contractual clause with companies that pledge to comply with EU law, and specific agreements between national data supervisors and certain companies.
He said that last year, there were a lot of things that went against him surrounding that massive contractual clause.
Few international sportsmen invoke a contractual clause which allows them to take seven months off in order to re-assess their careers, but McCaw is currently slap-bang in the middle of his mini-sabbatical.
The company was not satisfied with the ruling and appealed it before the court of appeals claiming that it did not breach a legal or contractual clause and did not commit a mistake that could render compensation.
Attorney Fee Provision: In the United States, absent a statute or contractual clause that allows for at-torney fees, each party pays his or her own legal fees.