contractual promise

See: warranty
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The issuer of the certificate makes a contractual promise to buyback the certificate at a future date at par value.
The Sukuk issuer makes a contractual promise to buy back the bonds at par value in the future.
33) The enforcement of a contractual promise by the law is "morally permissible if a principle licensing this use is one that no one .
relief may be granted in cases of penalties for non-performance of a condition, although there is no express contractual promise to perform a condition--apparently on the basis that despite the absence of such an express promise, a penalty conditional on failure of a condition is for these purposes in substance equivalent to a promise that the condition will be satisfied.
He called BP's contractual promise to cover clean-up costs as "iron-clad.
An indemnification clause is a contractual promise by one person or business to reimburse or pay for the monetary loss of another person or business.
the appellant has failed to produce any legal authority that a contractual promise to renounce, given for consideration before the death of a former spouse, binds a person to renounce a testamentary gift after his death.
The contractual promise to pay the donor an income for life is dependent on the charity's claims-paying ability.
He acknowledged the sour public mood yesterday as he ripped into AIG, a day after Summers insisted the government's hands were tied because the bonuses were a contractual promise to executives and traders at the crippled firm.
Earlier this year, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal likewise ruled that the managers of Christian Horizons, a non-profit organization that cares for some 1,400 developmentally handicapped persons, can profess the Christian faith, but had no right to fire a lesbian employee for violating her contractual promise to uphold the agency's lifestyle and morality code, which includes a ban on homosexual relationships.
A contractual term, consideration is something that is done or promised in return for a contractual promise.