contractual representation

See: warranty
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A contractual representation is a statement made by one party (usually the supplier) to the other (the franchisor) about some matter of primary importance (e.
RLI says the policy is a single, hybrid buy-side/sell-side form that helps mitigate the risks associated with inaccuracies or breaches in contractual representations or warranties.
MBIA Insurance Corp alleged that Credit Suisse Securities, DLJ Mortgage Capital and Select Portfolio Servicing induced it to enter into an insurance agreement and issue an insurance policy by making fraudulent statements and untrue contractual representations and warranties.
It applies, in particular, even in the absence of bad faith or negligence--even against persons who have conducted themselves impeccably in connection with their contractual representations and wish to retract them, for example, only because of unanticipated events.
Rakoff said the loans in the securitizations "pervasively breached Flagstar's contractual representations and warranties.