contractual terms

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This newest module can also extract contracts, and contractual terms and populate Salesforce.
The period is subject to early termination under contractual terms.
2015, the Present Procedure (Depending On Which to Devise and Evaluate Tenders), and the Maximum Value Is the Estimated Value That Contains Potential Additional Value, for Which the Contract May Be Extended By 4 Months, By Addendum, in Accordance with Article 6, Paragraph (3) of Gd 9252006, Without Changing the Original Contractual Terms or Until the Date of 04302016.
Dr Jean Jenkins, senior lecturer in employment relations at Cardiff Business School, said: "The Acas findings show contractual terms which exclude workers from rights and security of employment lead to insecurity, mistrust, and unfairness at work.
In January 2014, the bank stated its intention to materially reduce its liabilities under its senior and subordinated debt obligations relative to original contractual terms in order to improve its capitalisation.
In the event of Scottish independence from the United Kingdom, the continuing UK government would in all circumstances honour the contractual terms of the debt issued by the UK government," the Treasury said in a statement.
STRIKE action at Liverpool University has been avoided after staff agreed to revised contractual terms and conditions.
Abu Dhabi: Consumers across the UAE may soon be eligible to withhold at least half of the price of goods until they are delivered on time and meet other contractual terms, a senior official said on Tuesday.
The two lenders pledge to ensure a smooth transition of customer accounts, adding the contractual terms will remain unchanged.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development is embarking on comprehensive review of unfair contractual provisions which undermine consumers' rights in many service activities in the emirate, as a prelude to refine contractual terms and set more balanced and just contractual relationships between consumers and the service providers at the level of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
NYSE: CCI) has announced certain contractual terms in light of Sprint's (NYSE: S) announcement to acquire 100% ownership of Clearwire.