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In that case, the French court joined the subjective theories, since it considered that lex contractus could be only the law chosen by the parties, or the law that the parties could have considered upon the conclusion of the contract (but which was not revealed clearly, as in the case of the tacit will), i.
In the second period (1952-1980), the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation gave up looking for the presumed will and determined that lex contractus was chosen (expressly or tacitly) by the parties.
If the parties have not appointed a law, the judge shall determine the lex contractus based on the hypothetical will of the parties; this will is sought in the contract terms, in the behavior of the parties and in the circumstances of the case.
I am not convinced that they were advised in their Crusaders' Hymn Book[C] that the Salve Regina was printed with permission of Brother Contractus, all rights reserved.
In Romanian Law, lex contractus is applicable where there is a dispute about these essential elements or the existence of a valid contract.
In such cases, if the action to annul the contract is complemented by liability claims, the lex contractus extends its jurisdiction over this offense, which is in close connection with the contract.
Penalties regarding vices of consent, for the cancellation of these cases are governed also by the lex contractus as the cancellation is closely related to the causes, which govern it.
However, because it affects the contract, it must be referred to the same law and will be governed by the lex contractus rule.
The words and music were composed in the 11th century by a monk known as Hermanus Contractus, or, Hermann the Cripple.
Though constantly in pain, it was said that Hermanus Contractus never complained.