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CONTRADICTION. The incompatibility, contrariety, and evident opposition of two ideas, which are the subject of one and the same proposition.
     2. In general, when a party accused of a crime contradicts himself, it is presumed he does so because he is guilty for truth does not contradict itself, and is always consistent, whereas falsehood is in general inconsistent and the truth of some known facts will contradict the falsehood of those which are falsely alleged to be true. But there must still be much caution used by the judge, as there may be sometimes apparent contradictions which arise either from the timidity, the ignorance, or the inability of the party to explain himself, when in fact he tells the truth.
    3. When a witness contradicts himself as to something which is important in the case, his testimony will be much weakened, or it may be entirely discredited and when he relates a story of facts which he alleges passed only in his presence, and he is contradicted as to other facts which are known to others, his credit will be much impaired.
     4. When two witnesses, or other persons, state things directly opposed to each other, it is the duty of the judge or jury to reconcile these apparent contradictions; but when this cannot be done, the more improbable statement must be rejected; or, if both are entitled to the same credit, then the matter is as if no proof had been given. See Circumstances.

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In a statement on Tuesday, the Ministry said that the United States' blatant attempts to undermine the Syrian leadership's reconstruction efforts are harmful to Syria's unity, sovereignty, and territorial integrity, and they contradict the text and spirit of the international community's resolutions on Syria, including Security Council resolution no.
In its report, the Vera Files said that Communications Assistant Secretary Marie Rafael Banaag contradicted what the #RealNumbers data showed when she denied that tens of thousands have been killed in President Duterte's drug war.
'Every person who contradicts his words with his actions is born with a birth defect, it can also be a political person who might have physical, medical, and psychological defects by birth.'
'How can we ratify ICERD knowing very well those provisions contradict to the ICERD itself?
'I contradict the news story published in a local newspaper that blamed our department for allegedly being indulged in land grabbing,' he said.
In other words, he did not contradict the former French President's words.
Download MP Houri rejects vote laws contradicting Constitution, Taef NNA - MP Ammar Houri from Future bloc on Tuesday renewed rejection of election law proposals that contradict the Constitution and Taef Agreement, stressing that they shall not pass.
Abdullatif Al-Zayani said in a press release that the GCC member states back the decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which came in response to Lebanon's official positions that contradict Arab consensus and do not match Gulf-Lebanese relations.
He referred to previous statements made by Iran's President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in more than one occasion calling for opening a new positive page of relations with Arab countries, saying they contradict with the statements made by supreme leader Ali Khamenei during Eid Al-Fitr which indicated that Iran will continue to interfere in the domestic affairs of some Arab countries, including Yemen and Bahrain.
The decree will be effective from the date of issuance and annuls all rulings that contradict with its provisions.
Ruth Samuelson, R-Meckenburg, the committee co-chairwoman, said the executive order "appears to contradict legislation that was enacted." "It, in essence, becomes a line-item veto, which we can't have," Samuelson said.