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Turkey's Council of State said getting education or working at public institutions with headscarves in order to show religious belief contradicted laws and the Constitution.
Earlier, Farrow also contradicted Campbell's account of what happened.
This is actually a new regurgitation of an old story which was contradicted by French President Mr Sarkozy on July 11 this year as ' untrue', ' malicious' and ' mischievous'," Zardari's spokesman Farhatullah Babar said in an official statement.
The comment contradicted statements from Indonesia's defence minister and other officials saying there was a link, and suggested that differences remain in Indonesia's government over its campaign against terrorism.
This is contradicted by Emergency Fire Control Operators who are predominantly women.
SEATTLE -- The argument that multiple HIV/AIDS therapies could do more harm than good in the developing world because they are too difficult for poor countries to implement was contradicted by research papers delivered at a conference in this city.
Last year, the Mormon Church contradicted its olive-branch offering by openly promoting California's Proposition 22, which now prevents the state from recognizing same-sex marriages.
Such theologies often accommodate the possibility that the Bible writers may have contradicted each other.
Hayes contradicted his deposition testimony by stating that Dr.
he reflects on how this man and his predawn work contradicted everything he, Eiseley, had been taught about evolution and the survival of the fittest.
163-9T(b)(2) contradicted the statute and was invalid.
Working separately but using the same pictures Smith had taken more than 20 years earlier, they reached some conclusions that contradicted Smith's findings.