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He said in his statement contradicting the Mehbooba Mufti's remarks said that more than 95 percent Kashmiri people wanted freedom and resistance movement belonged to these 95 percent Kashmiris.
BEIRUT: A Lebanese Hajj pilgrim was reported missing and another wounded, contradicting reports that no Lebanese were among the victims of a deadly stampede last week, Lebanese media reported Thursday.
Hannan stressed that Amro's contradicting nature makes him unfit to be president of Egypt.
In a statement issued here on Thursday, the spokesperson while contradicting these news items termed them as totally baseless, concocted and figments of imagination and said that the Chairman Senate was chief guest at Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology at Karachi at the time of his alleged meeting on Saturday, 13th February 2010 with the President at Presidency.
He said the airline's bosses, currently fighting a takeover by his airline, are contradicting themselves with promises to cut costs and make more money.
Author Nola Kelsey satirically presents the raw realities contradicting the misperceptions of so many anticipating an urban change of pace and mentality.
His real crime: he helped journalists and telephoned reports to foreign embassies contradicting the government line that those killed were "armed Islamic militants trying to overthrow the state".
He was found guilty of contradicting the church's position, contradicting his ordination vows and violating his vows as a professor of theology at New Brunswick Seminary in New Jersey.
Especially revealing the meaning and essence of Matthew's Gospel, Spirituality Of The Beatitudes reveals in depth the philosophies and some contradicting opinions concerning the classic and well-known refrains, "Blessed are the poor in spirit" (notes point out that Matthew was exceptional in his conviction that doing good works led those of wavering or little faith to salvation); "Blessed are the nonviolent; they will inherit the Earth"; "Blessed are the peacemakers; they will be called the children of God" and more.
October 2003) is not an "error to be eradicated" as a consequence of incompetence or misinformation by the 80 bishops in plenary session in 1968; rather it is a libel of schism contradicting the creational order, honoured since creation up to the invention of mechanical, chemical, and surgical contraceptive means.