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Schmemann remarked: "A local Church cut from this universal 'koinonia' is indeed a contradictio in adjecto, for this koinonia is the very essence of the Church.
Finally, is "Indian philosophy" something like a contradictio in terminis due to the apparent conditioning of speculation by (mostly Vedic) revelation?
A self-contradiction (or, as it is technically known, a contradictio in adjecto) would be an outright contradiction, like saying squares are round in shape.
28) Accordingly, the claim that the law provides for flexible rules and is at the same time rule of law-based may have to be regarded as a contradictio in adjecto.
30) Es scheint, dass der Begriff des Imperiums, der seine eigene Logik bei Barroso durch eine contradictio in adjecto uberwinden muss, bei manchen als problematisch empfunden wird.
Because it was the statute that defined the rights and made them enforceable, the idea of a statutory violation of rights per se was a contradictio in adjecto.
With regard to the spectrum of peaceful and aggressive dispositions, it might be argued that a liberal society populated by aggressors and cheaters is a contradictio in adiecto, so in this particular area there cannot be a worst-case scenario almost by definition.
I share this latter position, but I cannot help noticing the contradictio in adjecto of Hart's reasoning when he tries to remove the difficulty.
Unlimited (hence arbitrary) jurisdiction is a contradictio in
Thus, an autonomous pragmatics would rather be a contradictio in adjecto.