contradiction of terms

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With this singular contradiction of terms, brother Ned gave Tim Linkinwater a slap on the back, which made him look, for the moment, almost as apoplectic as the butler: and tossed off the contents of his glass in a twinkling.
James Hufferd in his review article described the book is clear voice coming from the Muslim world, something habitually touted by westerners as an impossible contradiction of terms.
For Kelley, the countercultural program of the '60s, with its psychedelic, anarchist, feminist, and sexual submilieus, represents not just a beautiful political past but also a notoriously underrated link between politics and art, part of the Surrealist legacy and an alternative to American high modernism and its bloodless high descendants: "Radicalism and art are a contradiction of terms to American museum culture (academic Puritan agitprop of the Hans Haacke variety notwithstanding).