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Also, the SNR target increases with the power increasing, while the power efficiency may be decrease with the increased power, the SNR target maximization and the power efficiency target maximization are also contradictive, i.
However, human studies investigating certain diets in IBD patients gave contradictive results.
By the triangle inequality, we can obtain the contradictive result to [mathematical expression not reproducible].
In its assessment of biofuels, the discourse coalition of environmentalists goes beyond the common arguments of the climate protection sub-discourse; it rather represents a contradictive sub-discourse to the one that (over)emphasises the positive environmental effects of biofuel production.
Abstract Hardness and toughness are typically contradictive for sol-gel-derived coatings.
Similarly, allowing the DOJ to proceed after only demonstrating a new or increased risk of loss in pursuing FIRREA penalties is contradictive to the congressional intent of [section] 1833a.
Concerning blood, authors were found a toxic impact of different paints on blood parameters, and sometimes with contradictive results, which is certainly related to the different chemical compositions of paint and the working conditions [8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13].
There have been many contradictive theories over the years and the results show there is no real pattern to it.
The openness of a dialogical space (depicted as the open rectangle in Figure 1) is reflected by allowance of a broader variety of different, opposite, and contradictive I-positions from the participants to enter the dialogical space and to become meaningfully related to the other I-position included in the space.
It became a source of frustration with these contradictive approaches and generated decision-making problems regarding how much, how intensively, and if they should attempt to revive the patient.
There are also districts that provide contradictive evidence to our hypothesis (underlined in light gray color) such as Chicago (12) and Kansas.