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Concerning blood, authors were found a toxic impact of different paints on blood parameters, and sometimes with contradictive results, which is certainly related to the different chemical compositions of paint and the working conditions [8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13].
There have been many contradictive theories over the years and the results show there is no real pattern to it.
It became a source of frustration with these contradictive approaches and generated decision-making problems regarding how much, how intensively, and if they should attempt to revive the patient.
I was shocked due to the selfish ad hoc, contradictive and strange reasoning: All players of BC Liria were of Slavic origine, the best was Serbian (Simic), and on the other hand the fanatic supporters were singing "Ethnic Albania", "I live red and black .
In David Augsburger's book, Caring Enough to Confront, he defines care confronting as two words that are no longer distinctive and mutually exclusive, but that are complementary and not contradictive.
However [it has been agreed that the] Gulf Initiative and its Implementation Mechanism substitute the contradictive constitutional provisions.
This juxtaposition between constructive and destructive forces indicates the complex and contradictive dynamics of modernity and suggests that times of uncertainty and disintegration also may see productive social changes, such as the emergence of previously excluded subjects that bring diverse and critical voices into the public sphere.
The idea of establishing unified divisions in schools, though semantically contradictive, creates an atmosphere of intimacy and closeness among students and colleagues.
Alcibiades in [9] seemed to wittily tackle his contradictive stance as he sought clarity, stating that: "then if a tyrant, holding the chief power in the State, enacts rules of conduct for the citizens, are these enactments law?
Contradictive to these scholars, ACD did not publish in-depth, exclusive and analytical articles on this tragedy for the Australian Chinese, which suggests that the daily did not play the local surveillance role.
The different values in time spent and the comparable values for energy expended in high intensity physical activities according the 2 methods is somewhat contradictive, however, can be explained by a lower sensitivity of the AD compared to the SWA (2 highest intensity scales with a fixed activity level versus unlimited registration).
Further, they discussed the problems faced by them in their professional field like frivolous litigation, frequent transfers and postings of Judicial Magistrates, some contradictive rulings in some cases etc.