contradictory evidence

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But confusing and contradictory evidence from detectives and unidentified MI5 officers who spoke from behind screens heightened the concern of many who watched the proceedings.
The ECB insists it remains satisfied with the reason given by Broad and his advisers for his absence, that he was under the weather, unless or until there is any contradictory evidence.
There has been contradictory evidence about the level of spare capacity in the economy, with job numbers improving strongly.
According to ABC's official synopsis, "A guilt-ridden woman confesses to a murder, but contradictory evidence and a second confession complicate the case.
Meyers often fails to acknowledge contradictory evidence, especially in his evaluations of orthodoxy within church history.
However, in recent years, increased awareness has provided contradictory evidence.
Foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times since 1995 and winner of three Pulitzer Prizes, Friedman makes sloppy mistakes, is inconsistent, and willfully ignores contradictory evidence and sheer logic, says Fernandez, an editor and feature writer at Pulse Media.
Botha was accused of mishandling the investigation after giving contradictory evidence during fierce questioning by Mr Pistorius's defence lawyers in last month's bail hearing.
The films he analyzes offer similar inconsistent and contradictory evidence.
Lorraine's pal claimed her friend thought the case against her was riddled with contradictory evidence which could show she was not guilty.
No contradictory evidence was presented, and counsel did not question the damage testimony in closing argument.
The graben were an unexpected discovery and the images provide contradictory evidence that the regions of the lunar crust are also being pulled apart.