contradictory evidence

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A council licensing sub committee also grilled a West Midlands Police officer over the accusation and criticised claims in the face of contradictory evidence.
Can skeptics about this cite any contradictory evidence?
Part of it is due to the contradictory evidence, but the Malay right have already made up their mind.'
Lawyers for 24 priests named in the report said their clients fought the release of their identities because they said they "were denied an opportunity to appear before the grand jury to defend themselves, question witnesses, or provide contradictory evidence," the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.
Jeld-Wen also believes that the District Court improperly bifurcated the trial involving Steves' contract claims from the trial involving Jeld-Wen's claims regarding Steves' misappropriation of trade secrets, allowing Steves to present contradictory evidence in the two different trials.
Death sentence on unreliable evidence?: Given the hype surrounding this case and the fact that both the trial court and high court upheld the death sentence against Aasia Bibi, it would come across as surprising that Chief Justice Nisar's and Justice Asif Khosa's indepth and comprehensive assessment of the evidence shows that the conviction and sentence for blasphemy lacks any evidential basis, being based on inconsistent or contradictory evidence, an inadmissible and unproven confession and a mala fide motive to implicate Aasia Bibi because of religious discrimination against her.
It is clear there is a matter of privilege and the key issue is whether or not the contracts were signed on which there is now contradictory evidence. Speaker Mallards decision contradicts Speakers ruling 206/2 that the role of the Speaker is determining whether there is a matter of privilege and determining the validity of evidence is a matter for the Privileges Committee.
Further, the Nandi will spend millions of shillings to pay lawyers to sift through all the contradictory evidence of the Carter and the post-independence Land Commissions.
The staff in question gave contradictory evidence at the inquest, which led to an observation by the jury that it was 'logically clear that fictional accounts were given under oath',' and finally, the exercise yard (where Emily died) was not fit for purpose.
Counsel to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Rotimi Jacobs (SAN) had earlier declared Abubakar Umar a 'hostile witness', for giving contradictory evidence in court from the statement he made to the EFCC.
With an apparently below-par effort in the King George over Christmas sandwiched in between those two races, connections and supporters are left with a mass of contradictory evidence as to the true level of Bristol De Mai's ability.