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Sharing statements and opinion of a political scientist, even a prominent one, is already politically incorrect of him, he completely contradicts to himself," Abdyldayev said.
Our reaction to these political actions that openly contradict historical facts as well as the basic tenets of law has been conveyed to the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Ankara.
Samia Abbou, MP from the Democratic Current described the bill as "unconstitutional," especially since it contradicts with Article 148 of the Constitution, according to her.
The Ministry of Religious Endowments announced Tuesday it will "purge and confiscate" the libraries of Egyptian mosques of any books or digital material that contradict "the leniency of Islam".
Ruth Samuelson, R-Meckenburg, the committee co-chairwoman, said the executive order "appears to contradict legislation that was enacted.
There are scenes that contradict Islam and the Bible, so we decided not to show it.
Responding to a question which asked whether IFRS requires a change in Saudi laws or contradict Shari'ah/Islamic laws, Dr Meghames said:
He slammed in the strongest terms possible "this terrorist, coward and treacherous act, which contradicts all religious values and humanitarian principles.
Article Two: Cancels all that contravenes with the attached law or contradicts with its provisions.
In an open letter to Interior Minister Tsvetlin Yovchev, a copy of which has been sent to Roland Francois-Weil, UNHCR Representative in Bulgaria, the human rights NGO insists that the practice contradicts both Bulgarian and EU laws.
The Future said that tomorrow's session which Berri had called for, contradicts the stipulations of the parliament's domestic law, as it threats of accentuating local divergence due to Hezbollah's ongoing coup.
html) AP that, in reference to the tape, he and lead attorney Joseph Amendola believe that Matt Sandusky makes ''allegations that directly contradicts sworn testimony .