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In contradistinction to cholesterol microemboli, it is possible for larger fat macroemboli to cause larger arterial occlusions.
I'm glad that the sober policy wonk side of libertarianism still has some life in it, in contradistinction to the hipster utopian conspiracist side.
The sixth and most exciting chapter shows how the movement to legalize divorce and anxieties about the state of marriage led to attempts by doctors to advocate a form of courtly love in marriage to obviate the need for divorce (in ironic contradistinction to the adulterous nature of codified courtly love as exemplified by Lancelot and Guinevere's paradigmatic extramarital passion).
He argues that apophatic pluralism, in contradistinction to cataphatic religious truth, is the future of religion.
Hence she is concerned with the formation of the political languages of natural law as they emerge in European thought, and her interpretation of Hobbes is indebted to Skinner's analysis of Hobbesian liberty in contradistinction to republican notions of freedom--implicitly, she shares Skinner's critique of Hobbes's position.
Given Hegel's legacy within the philosophy of history, and Deleuze's explicit criticisms of Hegel, I had expected that Lundy would outline a Deleuzian conception of history in contradistinction to Hegelian history.
For example, I asked, "What does 'talented' mean, in contradistinction to 'gifted'--and talented in what?
Overall, his economic policy is right of the centre, in contradistinction to the Congress' socialist leanings.
In one vignette, Goury's camera finds him enjoying a video conference with one of his boys, a representation of the sort of intimacy he tries to maintain with his own family -- in contradistinction to his relationship with his father.
The moral high ground of our anticolonial struggle created two absolute certainties: "White Apartheid racists are evil, and the victims of Apartheid in contradistinction are therefore by definition good.
Sham'on reiterated NLP support for a "one man vote principle" in contradistinction to the so-called "60-electoral law" and decided upon boycotting any meetings marred by sectarianism and not seriously inclined to discuss the matter.
Perhaps most infamously, the physicist's groundbreaking scientific theories were derided by German Nobel laureates Philipp Lenard and Johannes Stark as "Judische Physik" in contradistinction to the superior "Deutsche Physik.