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The ideas of both Karakoc and Erbakan about a civilizational contraposition between Islam and the Western world represent a connection with the early 19th century Pan-Islamism.
Finally, the child's actions start to be interpreted as complex contrapositions through which not only can the child oppose him/herself to the adult, but also can offer actions from his/her 'own' point of view.
Proof by contradiction versus proof by contraposition
It has been recently argued (Postal, 2003; Katz & Postal, 1991) that the object of study of Linguistics is a "real" object (what has been called the "realist view," or "platonistic view," in Postal's terms), in contraposition to the Chomskyan (1965, 1986, 1988, 2002) allegedly more "cartesian" view of language as a purely abstract construction (see Chomsky, 1966).
In contraposition to this melancholic longing, the three Iranian films I have analyzed provide representations of characters who are neither all good nor bad, and forms of life that are so thoroughly overdetermined as to be beyond absolute judgment.
Episteme and scientific knowledge as significantly different evaluation-functions in algebra of metaphysics (a law of contraposition of the two functions in metaphysics algebra)".
The results are especially clear for the contraposition between RA and OA.
It follows that women play a central role in the collection, since masculinity and femininity are values that can only be estimated by contraposition, and only lived out in contact with the opposing sex: women 'serve to highlight the distance of his men from the dominant notions of hegemonic masculinity, their dwindling status and visibility in a world of masculinised power'--or de-masculinised power, one might say.
In the Whittington's (1996) agenda gaps, we believe to be possible finding contraposition between three themes of research: routines; learning and SasP.
is the contraposition of the Kantian moral principle that "Ought" implies "Can".
In contraposition perhaps to Reyes' verdict in her conclusion, it appears that his poor reputation is but a result of his own doing.