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24) En referencia a este tipo de contexto, cabe recurrir a la caracterizacion que Makoni y Meinhof (2003) proponen respecto del multilinguismo tipico del Africa subsahariana: <<The multilingualism that is becoming more widespread is of the compound variety>>, en contraposition a la version europea del multilinguismo que no pasa de ser <<a plural variant of monolingualism, with the languages coordinated rather than in some vital relationship to one another>> (cf.
The formulae in (45b) and (45b'), derived from (45a) by contraposition, express the fact that the obligatory intonation gap is excluded as long as either minimal proportionality or minimal clefting remains.
Lycan argues persuasively that the case against modus ponens is at least as strong as the case against antecedent-strengthening, contraposition, and modus tollens.
The contraposition of these statements makes explicit the cultural construction of the gendered norms of their time.
Gender segregation--or the delimitation and attribution of specific forms of behavior, roles and places according to gender membership--is the direct consequence of a symbolic order of gender which opposes men and women in a constant deferral of meaning, where the two terms are simultaneously separate and inseparable because they draw their existence precisely from their contraposition.
We now want to show that stability is propagated through applications of the transformation T; to prove this, we argue by contraposition that if H = T(G, e) is not universally stable, then G is not universally stable.
31) To be sure, the professions are not as precisely oppositional as Troilus's "This is, and is not, Cressid," or even Vindice's "I'm in doubt / Whether I'm myself or no," but to insist upon such precision is less material than to note the clear emphasis upon contraposition.
Few philosophical doctrines in Eurasia have dared to modify the framework based on the dialectical contraposition of opposites.
29) Consequently, Forster overlooks Hegel's reevaluation of Pyrrhonian contraposition arguments in 1804, along with the crucial role of Sextus's dilemma of the criterion in Hegel's Phenomenology.
This gives us the principle, by contraposition, that the only admissible justifications for limiting autonomy in a given case will have to do with what is necessary for seeking, cultivating, or protecting autonomy in other cases.
It is introduced as an explicit contraposition to the predominant framing of a 'transition' based on the transfer of Western-type institutions.