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I will ask whether or not there is a disruptive move that is "dangerously" touching a neurological centre of the coloniality of knowledge in the supposed anti-Jewish discourse, or, in contraposition, I will ask whether or not these discourses are anti-Semitic (as the first trend of thought would argue) or are just emphasized as part of a game of real-politicks of the centre (as the second trend of thought would assert).
As Edward Said might put it, there is a contraposition of two distinct and different kinds of knowledge, each of which pertains to a realm of power relations.
The formulae in (45b) and (45b'), derived from (45a) by contraposition, express the fact that the obligatory intonation gap is excluded as long as either minimal proportionality or minimal clefting remains.
Indeed, Kierkegaard's contraposition of faith and ethics, with the former very much in the preferred position, owes more to his Lutheran heritage than to the thought world of ancient Israel (as he may well have recognized).
On the strength of the immediate testimony of our bodies, we are able to say what no disembodied onlooker would have a cause for saying: [that life is] self-centered individuality, being for itself and in contraposition to all the rest of the world, with an essential boundary dividing `inside' and outside'--notwithstanding, nay, on the basis of the actual exchange" (p.
Such contraposition may be justifiable in communist countries; but it does not make much sense in developing countries.
UANI is particularly disturbed that "Millionaire" appears to have recently transported crude oil from an Egyptian port to Tartus, Syria -- an action in direct contraposition to the multinational sanctions put in place in response to the Assad regime's ongoing and brutal crackdown on the Syrian people.
This contraposition of discourse and register is persistent throughout the narrative and it is matched by the mixing of images, from real photographs to comic strips, pop-culture elements, collage, etc.
Miguel de Luna's Almanzor is thus characterized in contraposition to the image he presents of Rodrigo.
According to Norton, this can be understood as both (1) an attempt to reinstate, in a somewhat different form, the teleological conception of nature that had been seriously undercut by the new science, which greatly influenced Hobbes; and (2) a contraposition against the moral skepticism, (50) proper to the "selfish moralists" previously mentioned.
The only drawback to this study is perhaps the abundance of back-to-back textual comparisons without conclusive or summarizing paragraphs to make their connections explicit, leaving the readers with the task of deducing what the contraposition of the texts in fact means.