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A patient who has fully paid his doctors' fees and hospital expenses cannot have the nurses remove the contraption unless a call from accounting/billing attests that the patient is now fully paid.
A contraption should also work without any assistance from people, says Couch.
According to Bolka, Israeli youths who were visiting the museum used the mist showers to cool down, but the placement of the contraptions raised anger among the older visitors.
Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan and her lip-plumping contraption.
They come to his house with the most wonderful cardboard contraption so far and Birt gets to know Shu.
I told him I'd never seen a contraption like this before and asked 101 questions about how it worked, why he needed it, etc.
The showbusiness swindle of the age," is what Elvis Costello calls his Spectacular Spinning Songbook, a contraption that lucky punters from the crowd spin, choosing one of the 40 songs on it to be played.
London, November 8 ( ANI ): A newly developed contraption, which looks like something the doctor ordered for a neck injury, could provide a solution to commuters who face the embarrassing problem of falling asleep on fellow passengers.
THIS clever contraption is perfect for the little ones desperate to be on the move.
The FLOW artists decided to use their ingenious idea to inspire other young people to come up with their own sustainable contraption inspired by the River Tyne.
Summary: Workers have eased a giant funnel into the Gulf of Mexico, starting the process of lowering the contraption over a blown-out oil well.
A barge will haul the 100-ton contraption 50 miles offshore to a spot where a mile-deep gusher from a blown-out undersea well has been spewing at least 210,000 gallons of crude oil a day.