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Now she works, through memory, to invest the connection inherent in these contrarieties more powerfully into her consciousness.
Brooks may want to believe that a poet has to "'come to terms' with his experience" in what he calls "the unified poem," thereby seeking to identify the process of overcoming and holding together contrarieties as a primary element of this "experience.
From human experimentation to revolutionary social reorganization, Wright explores these seemingly polar contrarieties only to find that they share one fixed constant, one shared object of concern: American blacks.
As Duczynska's narrative unfolds it takes the form of a succession of contrarieties like the related arcs of a pendulum.
In the first section of this journal, the fourteen essays focusing on Jane Austen's Letters in Fact and Fiction seek to plumb the author's minute and panoramic observations of human life in all its contrarieties.
Such contrarieties emerge not only from the diction, imagery, and other rhetorical devices of particular speeches, but between speeches.
Here, the great, menacing contrarieties of Bishop's epiphanic domain, identity-dissolving surges or thrusts and limited, rounded, or particulate shapes, are to a degree psychologically mastered.
As Fishman sees it, the same psycho-social contrarieties that defined pre-coalescence America define it now as well.
policies, contrarieties that sometime stifle growth in the very countries the United States spends millions in foreign aid to assist.
has written a magnificent, gripping account of the contrarieties that were held together in Maugham's personality.
As frightening as the contrarieties of self-duplication seem, they are perhaps the inculcation of otherness that produces the moment of hybridity, that not only permits but insists on intercultural exchange.
The poem underscores the tension of exile and belonging and metaphorizes the tensions and contrarieties that necessarily comprise poetry (syntactical tension), music (harmonic tension), and art (light and shadow).