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Nature's Preoccupation with Complementarity and Contrariety.
71) Scholars credit Rowley with writing the subplot but clearly the two were exceptionally close collaborators, since a calculated system of contrariety operates across both plots, with matching vocabulary and imagery.
Key words: Assertion and action sentences, justifications, excuses, contrariety, conceptual incompatibility
Several essay address BlakeAEs notion of contrariety.
The biblical serpent, of course, was repeatedly associated with contrariety, linking death and new life.
The second and less obviously dissonant element of the poem's third phase, where contrariety inflects exercise of the will, comes into focus if the reader explores two other tropes: 'shatter' and 'wither' (21 and 23).
Also, we shall say that if the intersection of two notions is empty, their relationship is one of contrariety, i.
Contrariety is not the only sort of opposition the termini of a change can have.
Thus many parents and adults put forth junk-science rhetoric regarding the "teenage brain," pathologizing teens themselves and/or setting down young adult expressions of anxiety, alienation, anger, sadness, or severe disassociation to hormones or some kind of temporary innate contrariety, etc.
beings are at grips with a contrariety between their desires and their
Contrariety of these two principles is based on the fact that reciprocity is connected with a counter-service that solidarity does not require.
which opens the tenth line of "The Windhover," for example: it does not have to mean either strapping on or collapsing, the meanings do not have to be reconciled, instead the word's many meanings can all be retained despite their contrariety because a complete, consistent interpretation is neither possible nor desirable.