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ii) Contrarily suppose that there exists a filterbase [GAMMA] in X which does not [beta]-accumulate to any point of X.
Contrarily to dolphins, porpoises rarely leap out of the water, so you have to be very lucky to notice them, "All this means that they are seldom seen, even though they are actually common in waters around Liverpool.
These illustrations, by a Romanian artist, are fun, they are fittingly quirky with well realised exaggerations and colouring moving from rich warmth, vividly and cheekily contrasting with the early pages of text, to blue-greens building up contrarily to the laughter.
The economic analysts said VAT is also an indirect tax which would affect common man; contrarily, the government should impose tax on the direct income to receive the revenues.
According to a private news channel, quoted official sources said that the inflow of water in the lake has been decreased and contrarily increase in outflow has been recorded in the lake.
Lodato throws us into the mind of this contrarily vibrant, complicated young heroine and he never lets go.
Beaton, somewhat contrarily, pinged four in his first-round whitewash of Carlos Rodriguez, a performance which emphasised what good form he is in.
It may well be that Polke and his myriad followers are postulating a Mannerist form of Abstract Expressionism--a recognition that admits the preeminence of the earlier movement--even as they further "beautify" it or, contrarily, render it more "ugly" in the hope that in so doing their new resolutions will reset the priorities of our sense of painterly beauty.
The book John Browning: American Gunmaker by John Browning and Curt Gentry notes the agreement specified strict standard of materials and workmanship, and a bit contrarily, every effort be made to keep price competitive with revolvers.
Although correspondence from Artworld and its solicitors clearly showed that the landlord saw such be taken to surrender of the lease as continuing, Artworld had acted contrarily as though it had accepted the surrender.
Contrarily, North Korean leader Kim Jong Il called for the six-countries involved to ''fulfill promises according to the 'action-for-action' principle.