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Some parties seek to depart from "alternative medicine," claiming that the very name is pejorative and by definition perpetuates the dualism and contrariness of the two forms of medicine.
April is also a month where we, at least for one day, celebrate pranks and contrariness.
Yes, it might seem wilfully contrary behaviour, but it's a contrariness that, when you hear it, can be overwhelmingly exhilarating.
It faces up to many of the contradictions of this long-time enthusiast for Maurras's Action francaise, while offering "a theological point of view that helps explain the novelist's contrariness and political inconsistency" (7).
Craig clearly relishes a certain contrariness in the city and its people that is certainly one of her own most salient characteristics.
foreign policy in the Middle East may well understand the Queen's contrariness as "blowback"-an event that appears to be without cause but is the unintended consequence of a past action.
Contrariness being what it is, the established players will then immediately start feeding the speed merchants.
In sum, this is a book that succeeds almost in spite of its critical contrariness.
And this contrariness, alone, seems to put them at odds with the great mass of lumpen investors, allowing them to make more--or, often less--than the common results.
And then Gray's legendary contrariness would kick in, as he described how people lived through the 1920s and '30s without help from "the esoteric hallucinations of Socialism, Fascism or Social Credit.
He suggests that Abbey's philosophy and aesthetic is best described as a model of contradiction and contrariness that displays a marked resistance to control and an attraction to the paradoxical and irreconcilable.
Far from implying the pursuit of a pre-ordained plan that sees everything in the glowing light of future perfection, as many contributions made clear the utopian impulse can engage the complex real contrariness of human existence: our imperfectability, our orneriness, the persistence of identifications that support our pretensions to immortality, and so on.