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Contrariwise, there is a natural continuity between theory and practice for Plato as the perfection of nous makes possible the practice of genuine virtue.
Contrariwise, excess of loss contracts focus on the critical range of high losses and are thus better suited to insure critical loss levels at a lower price.
Just as water (potential energy) moving swiftly (kinetic/motion energy) can be used to turn a turbine to produce electrical energy that is socially useful, contrariwise, scarcity at times engenders envy and jealousy, fostering anger and hatred, which are then manifested in the socially useless energy of disorder.
Contrariwise, a Balinese dancer, Ketut Wiga, now in his seventies, interviewed for A
Contrariwise, the local onomastics and toponymy are looked down upon: "My cousin was born in Lourenco Marques and never uttered the very difficult three syllables of the word Maputo.
Another study suggested that the metabolite which was thought to be predictive, 2-hydroxyestrone, actually increased the risk for breast cancer; contrariwise, the 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone metabolite lowered breast cancer risk.
135) Contrariwise, other courts have held that failure to gather evidential matter and otherwise comply with GAAS did not necessarily constitute evidence of misconduct beyond simple negligence.
Economists are not always the most accurate prognosticators but their intuitive prowess, contrariwise, can be quite impressive.
Hummel (2009) argues, contrariwise, that welfare calculations can be useful.
Contrariwise, WordNet contains very little domain-oriented knowledge, but at the same time it provides a well-structured top-level taxonomy.
John, contrariwise, is all bottom-line business, as unrelenting and irresistible as the market-driven logic of exchange that overtakes the town.
Contrariwise, we have a sure and certain call in our Bavarian homeland.