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Contrariwise, the formation of guilds of Uber drivers and Facebook-friend collectives among Walmart employees may be the first signs of an endogenous response to the ultimate commoditization of labor by algorithm.
Contrariwise, readers can detect Bahiyya's moment of recognition which produces a revolutionary discourse that aims at changing women's reality.
"The contentious phrase global warming, first used by United Press International in 1969, seems to be undergoing a certain cooling; contrariwise, the more temperate phrase climate change is getting hot," wrote the New York Times' late William Safire, in his On Language column in 2005.
Contrariwise, the meeting of Dana Rohrabacher with Altaf Hussain and Khan of Qalat in support of Baluch separatists should be seen rather skeptically as it bear upon another conspiracy in the offing.
Alfred Austin wrote of the army's stern regulations, commenting that, "If the boys were here...they would not call the reform school strict." Contrariwise, Henry Monahan looked favorably upon his tenure in the Army.
A predictive biomarker not only must have a high degree of sensitivity and specificity but must have the capability of improving with positive changes in lifestyle and, contrariwise, worsening with negative changes in lifestyle.
I myself hold the view that it was not a manifestation of self-flagellation but, contrariwise, a certain degree of self-confidence, which the composer, I think, certainly did not lack.
Contrariwise, if the goal is to ensconce an aristocracy, one could scarcely do better than to weaken the public schools.
"The result of this wonderful collaboration is now blissful, unending joy", said Tweedle-Dum, "Contrariwise," continued Tweedle-dee, "if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn't, it ain't...
Contrariwise, to the extent that the PKK might shift its fighters, weapons, and any other material support out of Turkey and into the PYD's and allied fight against Daesh, such action would benefit all allied interests.
One of the Venezuelan disadvantages, as many analyzes point out, is a low potential of non-oil products produced in the country and thus contrariwise a high concentration of natural resources, such as a mentioned oil above all.