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This ethical position may well be the contrariwise path of the ghost dancer, the spinner, who comes into our field of vision at the very start from the "wrong direction," moving preemptively across the piece only to disappear where, and when, Dance is about to begin.
Contrariwise, there is a natural continuity between theory and practice for Plato as the perfection of nous makes possible the practice of genuine virtue.
Art and science, contrariwise though they are, will collide and, under the heavy strain, the gift-receiver will collapse.
Contrariwise, in this study taller plants (30 and 40 cm) on the sward averaging 25 cm showed higher grazing efficiency (Figure 5A), as they had been defoliated more frequently and intensely by cattle, showing their preference for grazing this morphological plant group.
Contrariwise, I have maintained that substantive contents of culture play important roles in the applications of the four principles.
Contrariwise, a Balinese dancer, Ketut Wiga, now in his seventies, interviewed for A
Contrariwise, the local onomastics and toponymy are looked down upon: "My cousin was born in Lourenco Marques and never uttered the very difficult three syllables of the word Maputo.
Contrariwise, students from group 1 do not seem to have acquired any vocabulary because some of them did not have the necessary input and those who had it decided not to include it in their e-mails.
Contrariwise, Brazilian film, teatro de revista (vaudeville), and the cronistas satirized the contradictions inherent in a culture bent on appearing modern but committed to "traditional lifestyles and entrenched social structures" (56).
Economists are not always the most accurate prognosticators but their intuitive prowess, contrariwise, can be quite impressive.
A wide political and professional agreement has been reached in Germany regarding the fact the market itself--at least not in the Eastern part of the country--can not assure recovery, and therefore the provinces have an increasing responsibility in the field of urban redevelopment interventions (apparently, it is also the case contrariwise, i.
Contrariwise satisfactions are reported in the areas of family life and of good deeds i.