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form 8275, Disclosure Statement, may be used; to disclose a position contrary to a regulation, Form 8275-R, Regulation Disclosure Statement, may be used.
The Draft Guidance's statement to the contrary stands in direct contravention to the statutory language.
3000/029 (A-11R) Surge Suppressor- Resistance was greater than 1 ohm from ground to metal part of surge suppressor, contrary to step 2.
After recognizing that my tutee is open for the method and is open to experimenting, my first step is to intuit the kind of contrary suggestions that could lead to interesting ideas.
He said: "There are increasing concerns about the number of planning decisions being made contrary to officer recommendation .
Jesus thereby rejected the Jewish custom of allowing for divorce as contrary to the original purpose of the Creator.
They gave deference to rulings in these instances even if a taxpayer's contrary position was also reasonable.
Contrary to North's proposition, Latulippe maintains that the province dictates that water and sewer projects are to be paid for in part by those residents who benefit from the new service.
To the contrary, according to DiLorenzo, Roosevelt's policies of the time kept a chokehold on the economy until the end of World War II.
The European Court of Justice said on Tuesday (31 May) in a judgement that it had found Sweden's pharmacy retail monopoly Apoteket AB to be contrary to European Union laws.
He also has been charged with being quite fundamentalistic in his view of the Bible, even though the contrary is true, especially in the way he applied the biblical texts in an almost modern historical critical manner.
Even though government-sponsored gambling appears to be contrary to the interests of the general populace and contrary to the purpose of government, they note that the financial benefits of "gaming in Ontario may offset the social and economic costs" of problem gamblers.