contrary to common sense

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In her statement, she wrote that the report of her alleged involvement in shutting down the TV show "is obviously wrong and contrary to common sense. Taiwan is already a democratic country.
I applaud this decision even though it is not altogether surprising to me, since it is contrary to common sense for a foreign company to be able to appropriate the name of a sovereign state as was being done in this case.
Contrary to common sense, this does not lead to more frequent thunderstorms, because amplified land warming results in a more unsaturated, low-level atmosphere, which is detrimental to the development of moist convection.
"Contrary to common sense, the people who fought against corruption were accused of corruption and arrested.
One objection against EIR is that it runs contrary to common sense and practice; in essence, ordinary people do not form beliefs about things in the external world on the basis of experiential mental states.
"The danger is that the existence of an anti-missile umbrella may give rise to a calamitous illusion of invincibility and impunity and hence tempt hotheads in Washington into new dangerous unilateral steps on global and regional problems in bypassing of the United Nations Security Council and contrary to common sense, like it was done on April 7 when the United States delivered a missile strike on a sovereign state, Syria," the ministry noted.
Not only is this interpretation patently unlawful but it is also contrary to common sense. Why use L1 in the first place only to discard it after Grade 3?
It's contrary to council policy and contrary to common sense."
Contrary to common sense, findings suggest that low levels of complaints may lead to an increase in market value; on the other hand, as could be expected, high levels of complaints have a negative impact on market value.
He said the band's demands for damages and claims Monster intended to steal the music to make it look as if the Beastie Boys endorsed the drink were "contrary to common sense."
Richard Malka, lawyer for the man who had been tipped as a future president of France, said: "It is contrary to common sense to use terms like 'organised gang' and 'vice network' to describe a simple swinging activity."
This decision includes clear legal errors and is contrary to common sense."