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Judicious writers have always practised this art of contrast with great success.
In his methodical brain there were distinctly formulated certain aspects of peasant life, deduced partly from that life itself, but chiefly from contrast with other modes of life.
The man had no covering upon his head, which was only defended by his own thick hair, matted and twisted together, and scorched by the influence of the sun into a rusty dark-red colour, forming a contrast with the overgrown beard upon his cheeks, which was rather of a yellow or amber hue.
Tenders are invited for (cpv 2008) diagnostic visualization services (lot 1 - ct without contrast; lot 2 - ct with contrast; lot 3 - mri without contrast with the magnetic field inductance of 1.5 t or more; lot 4 - mri with contrast to the inductance of the magnetic field 1 , 5 t or more; lot 5 - dopplerography of the vessels of the upper limbs; lot
Low risk patients included any one of the following parameters; Diabetes mellitus not documented of diabetes mellitus, hypertension not documented of hypertensionand baseline-creatinine level 2, prior history of coronary artery by-pass graft surgery, cardiogenic shock, left ventricular ejection fraction less than 30 percent and History of exposure to contrast with in previous 6 months, were considered as exclusion criteria of the study.
Research on behavioral contrast with humans largely has been conducted within human-operant arrangements (i.e., with humans engaging in arbitrary responses; Edwards, 1979; Fagen, 1979; Hantula & Crowell, 1994; O'Brien, 1968; Rovee-Collier & Capatides, 1979; Tarbox & Hayes, 2005; Terrace, 1974; Waite & Osborne, 1972; Weatherly, Melville, & McSweeney, 1996).
A more recent study by Kingston, Young, Sindhusake, & Truong, (2012) comparing extravasation rates following cannulation by radiology staff and ward staff, found radiology staff can provide safe administration of IV contrast with low extravasation rates.
We used human serum albumin as a foam stabilizer and thus we could make foam contrast with a long-lasting foam state.
For the test form 1 from the obtained results when it is observed where the achromatic gray is lightest can be concluded that the stimulus contrast with participants of the testing is mostly present at the black field and least pronounced in the magenta field.
(34) This parallel development of middle- and working-class amenities well illustrates Blackpool's contrast with Coney's dilemma.
In contrast with the gravitas of the plum-coloured hard industrial brick skin of the old tower, the creased metal mesh rainscreen cladding clearly sets out to appear soft and light.