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This month, we're setting our course for those other contrasting elements, which can make a big difference in the quality of your students' paintings.
* PERSONALITY: Audi A1 Contrast edition comes with a contrasting colour on the roofline and aerodynamic elements
By contrasting a person's rapid associations to blacks and whites, the IAT may thus hide more than it reveals about simmering racial prejudice, Blanton says.
Let me very briefly compare these sites and their crowds about 1900 as background to contrasting patterns of "decline" after 1920, Coney Island is nine miles east of Manhattan on the southern tip of Brooklyn while Blackpool was near a rapidly-expanding industrial area of Lancashire, but much further from large diverse population centers (like London and even Liverpool).
In this column, I continue the lesson by examining how to tell a story by contrasting differing behaviors and appearances of your subjects.
Today's laser-markable plastics offer high contrast and, in many cases, a contrasting color rather than just black or white.