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As mentioned above, these include the need for further contrastive studies of the different uses of tense, or the preference for world- building or function-advancing propositions of different languages.
Contrastive calculations used the same domain and boundary conditions.
He combined four approaches: contrastive analysis, error analysis, interlanguage analysis, and contrastive rhetoric for analysis.
According to the contrastive account, singular causation is not simply a binary relation between a cause and an effect, but a ternary or quaternary relation between a cause, an effect, and suitable contrasts to either or both of the cause and effect (e.g.
The chapter thus provides persuasive evidence about code switching and contrastive analysis as 'potent tools of language and culture for transforming language arts practice ...' (Wheeler & Swords, 2015, p.
In chapter three Stenstrom ("Spanish Venga and its English equivalents: A contrastive study of teenage talk") offers a valuable sociolinguistic comparison of the various uses of venga in the Corpus Oral de Lenguaje Adolescente de Madrid (COLAM) with their equivalents in the Bergen Corpus of London Teenage Language (COLT), which demonstrates that come on is the closest equivalent to venga in its directive and reactive functions and that elements such as well, okay, right and allright, are, in turn, its counterparts in its evaluative function.
imperative, interrogative or contrastive focus, their clause requires a verb otherwise latent.
Meaning in subtitling; toward a contrastive cognitive semantic model.
We need to distinguish two kinds of reasons for an action or policy, which I will call contrastive reasons and noncontrastive reasons.
Considering the [VP Neg] structure as a structural way to express contrastive focus, I expect this structure to have a specific prosodic phrasing.
To satisfy the research goals, literature related to topics of contrastive rhetorical analysis and business cover letter writing are reviewed.