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When the compulsory scheme was announced in North Wales some support workers described it as Big Brother and said it contravened their human rights
The Foundation in 1998 sought a declaration in Ontario that Section 43 of the Criminal Code violated three sections of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and contravened Canada's obligations under the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Or, perhaps that, under their Canadian superior, the Sisters were going beyond ecumenism, and that, aside from Sister Kay's conviction that religious differences could lead to trouble, the Order's renewed philosophy contravened Catholic teaching that Jesus in the New Testament is the fulfilment of God's promises in the Old?
Scopes' actions contravened a Tennessee state law that made it illegal to teach "any theory that denies the story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals.
NYSE:MXE) (NYSE:MXEPR) (the "Fund") announced today that the issuance of the Fund's preferred stock on or about January 6, 2006, pursuant to a nontransferable rights offering to all shareholders conducted between November and December 2005, may have inadvertently contravened one of the Fund's fundamental investment restrictions, which prohibits the Fund from issuing senior securities.
This contravened the regulations which state that any labelling claiming that a food prevents, treats or cures a disease is prohibited.
Vancouver--In a decision that could have wide-reaching effects on Canadian Catholic education, a British Columbia Labour Relations Board has ruled that the Catholic bishop of the diocese of Prince George cannot be the final authority to establish standards of moral conduct for Catholic teachers and impose discipline where those standards have been contravened.
Accordingly, the Committee found that the company had contravened the requirement under the listing agreement that information provided to the market must be correct, relevant and reliable.
The Advertising Standards Authority last night said it was investigating whether the ad contravened British standards.
He thereby contravened Article 287 of the Code of Canon Law which states that "clerics are not to play an active role in political parties or in directing trade unions unless, in the judgement of the competent ecclesiastical authority, this is required for the defence of the rights of the Church or to promote the common good.
The Disciplinary Committee found that Wedins had contravened the listing agreement by not immediately disclosing the information about the general shareholders' meeting.
The estate alleged that the warden instituted a practice that contravened a state-wide policy by providing an untethered knife without adequate supervision to a prisoner who had a recent history of committing violent crimes.