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Article (2) cancels the text of Article (4) of Royal Decree No.2/93 and the Articles of Association attached to Royal Decree No.2/93, as well as all that contravenes this (new) decree or contradicts with its provisions.
Article 4 cancels all that may contravenes with this Royal Decree and the attached amendments or contradicts with their provisions.
Actually, there was a lengthy discussion on the word "contravene" in the Nov.
The UK treasury believes that such a rule would contravene European law.
The construction permits appear to contravene Israel's obligations.
That decision contravenes recent recommendations from an FDA advisory panel and from some FDA staff members who reviewed data on the so-called morning-after pill, which consists of two high doses of the hormone levonorgestrel.
The demand followed a ruling by the country's Supreme Court in July that Christian groups cannot register as social charities since their proselytizing work contravenes the Sri Lankan constitution.
If human beings are somebodies, treating them under any circumstances as mere biological material flagrantly contravenes human dignity.
City council's rezoning of a Sixth Line property had been appealed by neighbouring residents who argued the development contravenes the city's official plan aimed at protecting groundwater recharge system.
But planners have already recommended refusal because it contravenes their countryside policy
Thus Holub contravenes the documentary character of her architectural research and places the art space in the foreground.
The curia is both perpetrator and victim in an institutional system that contravenes the gospel of Christ that it purports to serve.