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A term of French law meaning an act violative of a law, a treaty, or an agreement made between parties; a breach of law punishable by a fine of fifteen francs or less and by an imprisonment of three days or less. In the U.S. legal system, a breach or violation of the provisions of a contract, statute, or treaty.

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see CRIME.
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CONTRAVENTION, French law. An act which violates the law, a treaty or an agreement which the party has made. The Penal Code, art. 1, denominates a contravention, that infraction of the law punished by a fine, which does not exceed fifteen francs, and an imprisonment not exceeding three days.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Upon arrival, the officer was unable to find a space to stop that wasn't in contravention.
The court found Ahmed Zuhair Madni, a private builder, guilty of getting the land allotted in contravention of the relevant laws in connivance with the revenue officers and then carving out plots known as china-cutting and selling them to citizens, thus causing loss to the national exchequer.
Deputy Commissioners of Shaheed Benazirabad, Sanghar and Naushehro Feroze briefed about actions taken against contraventions of Code of Conduct and also presented proposal for holding of peaceful and transparent election.
A "responsible franchisor entity" is a franchisor that has "a significant degree of influence or control over the franchisee entity's affairs," with a "franchise" very broadly defined as "an arrangement under which a person earns profits or income by exploiting a right, conferred by the owner of the right, to use a trademark or design or other intellectual property or the goodwill attached to it in connection with the supply of goods or services." The legislation also contains increased penalties for breach, stronger enforcement powers for the Fair Work Ombudsman and a new offence of a "serious contravention" with even higher penalties.
As per the revised FRDL Act 2005, the public-debt-to-GDP ratio had to be reduced to 60 percent by FY 2017-18, the 70.1 percent ratio was in contravention of this requirement.
Ms Marilyn Muthoni Kamuru, Ms Daisy Doreen Jerop Amdany and Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (Creaw) are seeking a declaration that President Kenyatta's Cabinet selection was done in contravention of the rule of law and good governance.The Attorney-General, Secretary to the Cabinet and National Assembly are listed as first, second and third respondents.
According to the clause regarding 'penalty for default or contravention', 'any person who acts or the rules and regulation made thereunder or fails to comply with the conditions of a licence issued or registration granted to that person, and such person is a party to such contravention'.
Khartoum, 4 May (SUNA)- An Ad Hoc Committee set to study the situation of the Sudanese nationals in contact with the law in Saudi Arabia, started studying various proposals and possibilities of streamlining the situation of the Sudanese who are in contact with the law or are in contravention of the stay regulations and permits in that country.