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A term of French law meaning an act violative of a law, a treaty, or an agreement made between parties; a breach of law punishable by a fine of fifteen francs or less and by an imprisonment of three days or less. In the U.S. legal system, a breach or violation of the provisions of a contract, statute, or treaty.


noun antagonism, argument, breakkng an obligation, clash, conflict, confrontation, contention, contest, contradiction, controversion, counteraction, debate, denial, disagreement, discord, dissent, disunion, disunity, divisiveness, friction, gainsaying, infringement, lack of concord, negation, opposing, oppugnancy, quarrel, rebuttal, resistance, transgression, traversal, variance, violation, vying with, wrangle
Associated concepts: contravention of a contract, contravennion of a statute, contravention of an agreement
See also: ademption, annulment, breach, conflict, confutation, contention, contradiction, counterargument, crime, criticism, denial, disapproval, exception, impugnation, infraction, infringement, negation, objection, opposition, rejection, resistance, transgression


see CRIME.

CONTRAVENTION, French law. An act which violates the law, a treaty or an agreement which the party has made. The Penal Code, art. 1, denominates a contravention, that infraction of the law punished by a fine, which does not exceed fifteen francs, and an imprisonment not exceeding three days.

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They also want the court to declare that Justice Kihara Kariuki's nomination to the Attorney-General's position was unconstitutional and in contravention of the principle of rule of law and good governance.
However, CCI did not find any contravention in respect of Googles specialised search design (OneBoxes), AdWords, online intermediationand distribution agreements.
Based on findings of contraventions against the search engine, CCI imposed a penalty of Rs.
Pitch in contravention of ICC guidelines, asking contest bat & ball
Given this process, we can confirm that the warning period for contraventions recorded from the vehicle has been extended by two weeks and Penalty Charge Notices are scheduled to start on July 1 .
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council NOTICE OF PENALTY CHARGES THE CIVIL ENFORCEMENT OF PARKING CONTRAVENTIONS (GUIDELINES ON LEVELS OF CHARGES) (ENGLAND) ORDER 2007 Notice is hereby given that Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council in exercise of powers under the Traffic Management Act 2004 has set the levels of penalty charge payable for on and off street parking contraventions in the designated civil enforcement area and special enforcement area in accordance with Band 2 of Table 1 to the above named Order ("the Order").
Labor offices in Dammam and Alkhobar joined forces with the Dammam police and municipality in shutting down 27 women's stores that were found to be employing men in contravention of a new law stipulating that shops selling women's products employ only female workers.
IFSQ's corporate governance processes and senior management personnel failed to ensure that its affairs were managed effectively, in contravention of Rule 2.
There are hospitals committing contraventions and breaching the agreement signed with the Ministry of Public Health," he indicated.
They overturned my fine because they said the contravention never actually happened.