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"Among TIAA-CREF participants, 41 percent are contributing to an IRA, and another 30 percent have an IRA and are not currently making contributions," says Chittenden.
Property contributed to a partnership may have related losses that were not deductible by the contributing partner because of statutory limitations.
The commodity of time, including too few contributing members and lack of professional recognition for the amount of dedication required, was a serious issue for most MERLOT Editorial Board members (Figure 3).
Contributing factors: Suppliers say these increases are necessary because of exceptionally high demand for PP and their need to restore operating margins to acceptable levels due to rapidly rising feedstock, energy, and other costs.
Another advantage: of contributing by allotment is the convenient record of your tax deductible contribution.
My answer is simple: The historian in each of us knows that we are all, at best, only contributing to a history that will be written long after we are gone.
Our contributing authors provide us with information and application on vital topics that contribute to our professional practice.
What is happening, it seems, is not simply the third-stream arrival of choreographers, from Glen Tetley to Jiri Kylian, who are neither classic nor modern, but more and more modern choreographers, their style undiluted, contributing, and contributing most adventurously, to the classic repertoire.
Furthermore, the acid may function synergistically with the sugar in regular pops contributing to rampant caries.
The capitalization of those higher expected returns boosted equity prices, contributing to a substantial pickup in household spending on new homes, durable goods, and other types of consumption generally, beyond even that implied by the enhanced rise in real incomes.
Mark Ylvisaker, along with 29 contributing authors, combines current research and models of practice to provide comprehensive and practical information for rehabilitation professionals.
Similar studies have been conducted to examine the role of family environment in contributing to a student's violent behavior (Orphinas & Murray, 1999; Webber, 1997; Williams, et al., 1998; Bowen & Bowen, 1999; Kramer, 2000).