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The second most contributive life-cycle stage is packaging, followed by end of life and shipping.
Based on these results it was concluded that flip teaching is more contributive in students learning as compared to traditional approaches.
We want these companies to be more efficient and contributive to the Iraqi economy", he said, adding: "The government has no intention to get rid of the workers in these companies".
As I bring to you six interesting articles, I would like to reinforce BAR's commitment to a rigorous, contributive and timely editorial process.
Both were passionately committed and worked in different ways to provide different semantic emancipations as a significantly contributive condition for amelioration of human condition.
AAUR is not only focusing on academic excellence but is also providing a contributive environment for co-curricular activities to the students," he added.
Summary: In BME's exploration of the rise of CFOs to CEO status, Chris Taylor CEO at Abu Dhabi Finance who was also recognised in 2012 as Chartered Accountant of the Year by ICAEW, confirms this award achievement as a contributive factor in his appointment to CEO in 2013.
Concurrently, microbiological investigations were contributive with initial identification of a methicillin susceptible Staphylococcus epidermidis and the consecutive isolation of an Actinomyces sp.
Even Imran Khan could not help saying that execution is contributive of the `festering wounds' of the erstwhile brothers.
Tehran's leaders realize full well it is the United States that has been at the forefront of cutting Iran off from international networks and it will be the United States that can reintegrate Iran once it proves responsible, non-hostile and contributive in world affairs.
Contributive factors The horrific Delhi gang-rape and the claim raised by two persons accused in the Mumbai gang-rape case that they are minors have once again raised great concerns on juvenile justice law, that whether juveniles who commit serious crimes should be treated leniently or not.
The contributive role of team teaching was also manifested in the recent studies.

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