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Everyone at DataPath is excited to monitor the success of Captain Contributor in improving employee engagement and participation rates, said Candice Darr, manager of marketing communications for DataPath.
Robredo's list of contributors showed some 125 individuals whose donations amounted between P1 million and P5 million.
Rating their coworkers level of contribution the majority of the time at the workplace, the outcome indicates the greatest number of coworkers fall into the given definition of part-time contributor (28.
To protect the contributor, a partnership will often agree not to engage in such acts for a certain period of time.
Clearly, the editors are impelled to undertake this project by the steady and depressing reality of the great gaps in educational achievement between the poor and the well-to-do, the black and the white, and similar issues, and the contributors are motivated by the same concerns.
Similarly, although the identity and function of some environmental contributors to complex diseases such as cancer are well known (toxicants such as asbestos, behaviors such as smoking, viruses such as human papilloma virus), almost all of these known contributors have been identified as such because they have relatively strong effects on disease susceptibility.
1 release adds collaborative features and enhancements, to help a managing author of a document work more efficiently with a group of contributors.
Top contributors include oil and gas companies, as well as law firms with ties to big business.
While PAC contributions to federal candidates have long received attention from political scientists, individual contributors have received much less attention from the scholarly community.
Although the entries of the DNB have always been male-dominated, Fenwick clearly shows that the number of women contributors and women subjects have increased with time.
What one is looking for in a contributor is: (1) a quality contribution in terms of content and style; (2) a willingness to write a piece to fit the focus/themes of the book (in other words, a cooperative person); (3) a person who is willing to make revisions and will not be offended by a first draft critique; and (4) someone who takes the deadlines seriously.