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Inflation Monitor for June published by the SBP showed newspapers among the top ten leading contributors to inflation at 19.63pc in June (year-on-year basis) compared to 12.02pc in June 2018.
The ECRS is an electronic platform for the submission of requests by Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) for the registration of contributors and issuance of Personal Identification Numbers (PINs).
The Social Security Organisation (Socso) will introduce an online system by end of 2019 in an effort to curb third parties and syndicates making false claims on behalf of contributors, its chief executive officer (CEO) said.
In keeping with the amendments to the law on fully funded pension insurance, the Agency for Supervision of the Fully Funded Pension Insurance informs voluntary second pillar contributors born before 1 January 1967 they have the right to choose whether to continue being second pillar contributors or not by submitting a written statement.
Direct contributors are those who can pay health premiums while indirect contributors are those sponsored like senior citizens or indigents.
THE National Pension Commission (PenCom) on Saturday urged pensioners and pension contributors not to give any inducement to facilitate the payment of their retirement benefits and issuance of Compliance Certificates.
Did you know the IREM Foundation recognizes contributors whose cumulative giving totals $2,500 or more?
The fourth article is an article by one of our best and well-known contributors, Daniel Haulman, as he describes the trials and tribulations of the Tuskegee Airmen under two very different commanders.
It also notes that contributors will not be entitled to benefits unless they produce cards showing contributions have been made.
In addition, 70 percent of the new contributors remained at the lower default rate, 16 percent elected a higher contribution rate and 4 percent elected to contribute after-tax. now features video documentaries, photos, book excerpts and podcasts from a new wave of project contributors, including Jonathan Ames, Billy Collins, Sloane Crosley, Mann and Coulton, the company said.
The number of shareholders recognized in the company's system during August reached 955,351 contributors, compared to 954,356 contributors in July, a change of 0.01 percent, while the number of shareholders with a bank account was 46,753 contributors in August against 46,491 contributors in July with a change of 0.25 percent.