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He seemed contrite and I think he was sincere," Strauss said.
THE lottery Community Fund is now contrite about dishing out pounds 336,000 of YOUR cash to an ex-communist lorry driver exposed by The People last week for aiding terrorist bombers.
In a contrite letter of resignation, he said that family health concerns drove the request for an elevator and handicap-access improvements in the two-story home.
While few became contrite their answers gave historians a rich vein of information.
God wanted not the sacrifice of an animal; He wanted the sacrifice of a broken and contrite heart.
Prisons are designed to transform a regretted crime into contrite behavior through penalties and punishment.
This summer we listened to a contrite former executive describe the "culture of fraud" that flourished for 12-plus years in what is now the Cendant Corp.
14, Health, age, and whether the person is contrite and has been rehabilitated.
Although he seems genuinely contrite about the misery he caused others, Fry is so amusing about it all that one gets the queasy feeling we're letting him off too easy.
Good evening (ladies and gentlemen of the press/distinguished members of the Grand Jury/your Honor), I (candidate's name) hereby acknowledge that indeed I did/did not (cross out one) have an affair with (name or names or name of team) way back in (year or month or last week or this morning), and I am terribly terribly sorry and am A) full of remorse B) consumed with self-reproach C) contrite as hell.
I could never really get mad at them, since they were always so contrite, and to my eyes, seemingly helpless.
At this point David realizes that his sorrow for sin, "a contrite spirit," is exactly what God wants.