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The tulip heads in Martin's bouquet bent their heads contritely toward Esad, as though worshipping his grief, or saying good-bye to him, vermilion in their beautiful shame, conducting the pulse and emotion coursing through Martin's trembling fingers as he held the bouquet.
It is time for you and your kind to humbly and contritely open the doors and windows and live transparent lives of servanthood, as did Christ.
McNeir shows how Edmund goes through a distinctly Christian conversion process by contritely confessing his sins, acknowledging just punishment, and then being "touched" by Edgar's account of Gloucester's death, and I am indebted to him for this insight.
finally, contritely promise to adhere to a new compromise if allowed to
I want to apologise to my coach and I hope that nobody is still upset with me," he declared contritely.
Thanks to this approach, as Young himself contritely admits, he's left a wake of destruction.
In fact, you should be aware that, much as it's uncomfortable, I'm contritely on my knees as I type away at this computer.
I personally won't apologize to anyone until every head of every Arab state and every Muslim stands before microphones and cameras saying contritely how sorry they are for the brutal treatment of the Americans and helpers who a short time ago were blown up in their vehicle, dragged from the flames, beaten and killed and hung from a bridge.
Just days after New York's Daily News reported how the Times treated columns by Dave Anderson and Harvey Araton, the paper reversed itself, almost contritely, and ran the columns, edited, on Sunday, December 8.