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I want to apologise to my coach and I hope that nobody is still upset with me," he declared contritely.
My niece paused, her anger cooled, and she sat contritely at the table searching for words to make it right with her mother.
Thanks to this approach, as Young himself contritely admits, he's left a wake of destruction.
In fact, you should be aware that, much as it's uncomfortable, I'm contritely on my knees as I type away at this computer.
With added emphasis clearly meant for her husband, Katherine contritely attributes her "mad mistaking" to the fact that her eyes were "bedazzled by the sun," thereby brilliantly managing to comply with her husband in the current instance while reasserting her initial position on the time of day.
Just days after New York's Daily News reported how the Times treated columns by Dave Anderson and Harvey Araton, the paper reversed itself, almost contritely, and ran the columns, edited, on Sunday, December 8.
In short, he finds himself accused of sexual harassment, forced to take an early retirement, and moved, contritely, to promise Fiona new life.
It is increasingly difficult for political leaders to maintain that they did not know, or persuasively to plead contritely after the tragic fact that they, like Clinton, "did not fully appreciate" an "unimaginable terror.
A closer reading of the text challenges the traditional view of David--"an innocent and attractive hero, a man after God's own heart, who falters only once and in that case contritely repents" (p.
Chopper (18) Blackly comic biopic of best-selling Aussie author and the country's most notorious criminal, Chopper Read, a man who'd stab someone to death and then contritely apologise as the blood flowed and who had his own ears razored off in order to get a prison transfer.
The narrator expends much breadth and breath and time describing the demeanor and characteristics of the approaching "lowering flap, flash of sudden shadow," and contritely speaks of the "peculiar insufficiency of [the text's/the author's] vantage point," preventing his "access to that specific consciousness" within which the action takes place.