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They may even refrain from making an act of contrition or from going to Confession, not being sure that God can really turn our sins from being scarlet to become as white as snow.
Here's a couple he hasn't heard of: Humility and contrition.
But in a remarkable act of contrition before the 1-0 Serie A defeat against Empoli he walked all the way round the pitch at the San Siro and paused to bow down to every sector of the crowd.
Most celebrities are sober when they make bigoted remarks about Christians and rarely even offer an attempt at contrition.
She rejects her religion, takes to wearing scary red eye-shadow, even chops off one of her fingers as an act of contrition in front of the dead boy's appalled parents.
The fine art of apology and contrition is the focus of entire college courses, dissertations and books, but such expressions can be very effective or fall flat on their face," said Butterworth.
Reportedly, MMC offered to pay $600 million and make a public statement of contrition in order to settle the issue.
Rabbi Harold Schulweis of Valley Beth Shalom in Encino said that, ``assuming that his contrition is genuine,'' he would be delighted to meet with Gibson.
THE BBC2 documentary The Sun Says Sorry, And Other Tales Of Forgiveness (February 14) was supposed to demonstrate contrition on behalf of the Sun for its historic misdeeds.
Still, he kept alive his goal of being a great writer, and his contrition for his lapses was real and constant.