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It has been a very long time, but the final acts of contrition are being offered and accepted.
Would it be too much to expect some contrition, as well as a
There are times when apologies are appropriate--such as Tony Blair's expression of contrition over suffering during the Irish famine, which was a direct result of English callousness and preoccupation with market forces.
She doesn't think there is a river still or deep as need to carry souls across, or paths that mark our way, or signs; no acts of our contrition.
After her baby is born Julietta relinquishes her previous ideal of perfection and forgives the count, accepting his genuine contrition and love for her.
Instead of showing some contrition, they have used every trick in the book to minimise their tax bill.
And, if accompanied by a dollop of Tevez contrition, it should not offend even the most principled of football's observers.
Ichihashi also apologises to Ms Hawker's family, claming he wrote the book as "a gesture of contrition for the crime I committed", but does not elaborate on the crime or his motives.
If it is a choice between pride and human contrition, I prefer the contrition.
They had left the dock on bail when Judge David Wynn Morgan told their lawyers: "I'm seeing clear evidence of contrition even at this stage.
But as acts of contrition go, it was an apology of an apology.