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'We conducted the anti-piracy exercise in Ughelli and Warri between March 13 and 16, and we made a seizure of broadcast contrivance worth N36.1 million.
An "Amelie"-like tale of whimsical wonder tinged with a bit more black comedy, "Liza, the Fox-Fairy" will strike viewers variously as an impish delight or an offbeat contrivance that feels a tad too pleased with itself.
Islamabad -- The audit officials have declared the contrivance fund of Rs.
It's a Cuckoo's Nest contrivance from Wayne's World director Penelope Spheeris, going from the sublime to St Nicholas.
The most curious contrivance of the campaign is "La Bestia," a Washington-commissioned song that has been played on Central American radio stations with no advance notice to listeners that it is a government product.
Costley and the players sensibly and subtly let us know that they are aware that the play is an artful contrivance, but are careful to ensure that this does not spill over into mockery.
To insist that the former negate the latter's relevance is a contrivance at its best.
But Channel 4's new everyone's-a-critic contrivance Gogglebox produced at least one hero.
But plausibility is dismissed entirely when a class trip through Wales descends into farce and contrivance. St Bernadette's primary school is in dire straits and headmistress Mrs Bevans (Pam Ferris) at the end of her tether.
In this connection reference may be made to another device which thus far has been introduced only on a small scale on buses, and that is the backslide rock, a contrivance that prevents a car from sliding backwards unless the gear shift is in reverse.
Sadly, Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked lacks the charm and energy of the earlier films, and stranding the animals on an island is a flimsy contrivance to force Alvin to grow up.
If Malick intended a spiritual message geared to our day, he succeeded: With all the contrivance and bombast of current cinematographic technology, his parallel wisdom is equally superficial., incoherent and empty.