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The ATO is already investigating cases using these contrived arrangements, some of which may attract the application of Part IVA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 (ITAA 1936), also known as the general anti-avoidance rule.
The novel A Contrived World is at once a world and no world.
The chief executive said: "This year, whatever format you had, if Rory didn't win your season-long thing, you'd have to say you contrived it.
Eschewing the contrived set-ups and happenstance of most romantic dramas, this one ventures into all manner of unexpected places.
Don't you think that this "religious liberty" argument is a bit contrived?--Deacon Denny
The battles he fought with Muhammed Ali, George Foreman and Jimmy Ellis were not contrived events, but intense contests for supremacy and recognised as such by the fans.
The best of your emails No contrived results I read that Kieren Fallon agrees with Sir Mark Prescott that disqualification of horses is the way to go for riders in breach of whip rules.
BAD POINTS: I have no idea why intelligent women like Weaver and Curtis signed up for such a contrived, unfunny film.
Although Nora's sensual dream sequences advance the story and add romance while keeping her innocent, they come across as contrived insertions.
After that the floodgates opened and a host of contrived female-led European symphonic rock outfits such as Nightwish and Within Temptation began to build up a following.
Therefore, for purpose of this investigation, all research using DTT is referred to as contrived approaches because the instructional strategy is not "typical" of a naturalistic setting.
"Legends in Time: The Contrived Senator" is a fantasy novel from the team of Hobbes, Palmer, and Benoit.