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the factors that affect the ability of the seller to detect that it has been undercut (by one or more worse-placed rivals)--(A) the number of sales the contriver has historically made to its old customers, to its rivals' former customers, and to new buyers, (B) the constancy of these figures through time, and (C) the ability of the contriver to identify the factors that affect the above numbers other than undercutting by inferior rivals and to measure these other factors' past and current magnitudes,
Isaac de Caus's virtual sole eligibility as the contriver of the Woburn grotto by others' default, its similarity to a design that was very probably for the long-lost Bedford House grotto, his known association with the 4th Earl of Bedford, and the remarkable links with Salomon de Caus's designs, leave no doubt that he was its deviser.
Christopher Auncell, an apprentice from Wimborne Minster, Dorset, who claimed to have found a copy of a very saucy rhyme on the ground in his master's back yard, protested that "it was a fowle piece of worke and that he would not have been the contriver of it for forty pounds".
For after-revenges, fear them not, for your own father, that was esteemed to be the contriver of Norfolk's ruin, yet his son follows your father's son and loves him.
They are a nation of liars and traitors, contrivers of plots, a people born for deeds of treachery.
Permit me," writes Washington in reply, "with the freedom of a friend (for you know I always esteemed you), to express my sorrow that fortune should place you in a service that must fix curses, to the latest posterity, upon the contrivers, and, if success (which, by the by, is impossible) accompanies it, execrations upon all those who have been instrumental in the execution.
YAO, CHUN, YU controller of waters Bridge builders, contrivers of roads gave grain to the people kept down the taxes Hochang, eunuchs, taoists and ballets night-clubs, gimcracks, debauchery Down, down
It cannot be very difficult," Smith wrote, "to determine who have been the contrivers of this whole mercantile system; not the consumers, we may believe, whose interest has been entirely neglected; but the producers, whose interest has been so carefully tended to; and among this latter class our merchants and manufacturers have been by far the principal architects" (1776, p.
The garrison at Portsmouth noted that it was only one of many groups who wanted "the King, and all others the Grand Contrivers of, and Actors in the first and second warre .
The scene is laid in Italy; the contrivers and the perpetrators are Italians; and to give it more diabolical effect, a convent or a church is the stage, and clergymen of some description or other, are the actors of the tragedy.
Furthermore, contrivers of Tyco's forgiven loan program reportedly required these executives to sign confidentiality agreements to not disclose the loans.
Old contrivers, daydreamers, walking chemistry sets,