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the factors that affect the ability of the seller to detect that it has been undercut (by one or more worse-placed rivals)--(A) the number of sales the contriver has historically made to its old customers, to its rivals' former customers, and to new buyers, (B) the constancy of these figures through time, and (C) the ability of the contriver to identify the factors that affect the above numbers other than undercutting by inferior rivals and to measure these other factors' past and current magnitudes,
Isaac de Caus's virtual sole eligibility as the contriver of the Woburn grotto by others' default, its similarity to a design that was very probably for the long-lost Bedford House grotto, his known association with the 4th Earl of Bedford, and the remarkable links with Salomon de Caus's designs, leave no doubt that he was its deviser.
Thus the first feature to notice about Teodelina is precisely her contempt for death: "Teodelina Villar cometio el solecismo de morir en pleno Barrio Sur", which I read as a deliberate pun on the English `committed suicide', a rendering that would surely have been applauded by Xul Solar, Borges's eccentric friend and contriver of new linguistic forms.
Here it's the pen of the contriver, assisted by the "liberty" of her readers, that determines the "natural" progress toward the happy conclusion by offering an escape from the ever narrowing claustrophobia of tragedy's temporal logic.
A few years later, John Swifte, a cleric from Havant, Hants, was described as being "a knowen and comon libeller and contriver of false and slaunderous libells and pamphlets" which he would "by waye of jeste and merimente, sckoffinglye singe, divulge and publish .
In this instance, the contriver of the trick was not the woman's seducer but her sister, evidently anxious to help her sibling to a husband who would be legally responsible for her debts.
for after revenges feare them not, for your own father that was estemed to be the contriver of Norfolks ruin, yet his soon followeth your fathers soon, and loveth him, humors of men succeed not butt grow by occasions and accidents of tyme, & powre, Summersett made no revendge on the Duke of Northumberlands heares, Northumberland yt now is thincks not of Hattons issew, Kelloway lives yt murderd the Brother of Horsey & Horsey lett hyme go by, all his life time,
But overall negligence and complacency shown by leading automobile companies induced local contrivers to step into their shoes to serve the common man's needs.
They are a nation of liars and traitors, contrivers of plots, a people born for deeds of treachery.
Permit me," writes Washington in reply, "with the freedom of a friend (for you know I always esteemed you), to express my sorrow that fortune should place you in a service that must fix curses, to the latest posterity, upon the contrivers, and, if success (which, by the by, is impossible) accompanies it, execrations upon all those who have been instrumental in the execution.
YAO, CHUN, YU controller of waters Bridge builders, contrivers of roads gave grain to the people kept down the taxes Hochang, eunuchs, taoists and ballets night-clubs, gimcracks, debauchery Down, down