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Comparing the behavior of columns HS-50-20-T1(2), HS-50-20-T2(2) and HS-50-20-T3(1) to that of control column (CC1), all three columns showed significant control in axial deformation and enhancement in stiffness, especially, the behavior of HS-50-20-T3(1) was outperformed and is shown in Fig.
Specimen CSP2 has same longitudinal steel as control column (CSB1).
The control column reached its maximum respiration rates (l.
The ANG is a large part of why the control column actuated brake program met its goals for cost, schedule, and performance throughout my tenure with the program.
A captain allowed flight attendants and a female ground staff member to touch the aircraft control column of a plane operated by a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways Co.
Oddly enough, the nose gear never collapsed, but the pilot-induced turbulence on the runway was so severe that it not only got the prop and the firewall but bent the forward cabin floor up, stuck the elevator full down and jammed the control column.
Euroflow's ultrasound technology is used to monitor and control column packing, which Pall commercialized for process chromatography.
After tightening the bracket and the stab-trim chain under the center control column, the rudder-handle movement was reduced to a minute amount.
The control column showed minimal changes in both the electrical conductivity and microbial populations.
The spacious elevatable cabin is equipped with dual controls and a centre swivelling seat and control column console, which enables the driver to comfortably face in either direction of travel.
Defense Agency officials said they found that the cannon kept making erroneous functions when they tilted the control column of the fighter in question without touching the trigger.