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We in our study also found a statistically significant difference in the ratio of induced to spontaneous labour in Study group as compared to Control group (Table 3).
In the study, ninety-six participants were included and divided into observation and control group, forty-eight in each group.
Analysis and interpretation of the results for the effort adaptability in the experimental group and in the control group
For a valid and meaningful study, it was essential to have a control group or groups matched as closely as possible to the URP group.
During the blinded portion of the study, six treatment-related adverse events were reported among treatment group subjects, and two were reported among control group subjects.
Despite some weight regain over time, surgery patients showed a mean weight loss of 28% at 6-year follow-up, as well as higher remission rates for diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension, compared with the two control groups, said Ted D.
Among those who had had no STIs at baseline, the percentage who reported having had unprotected extramarital sex in the past three months dropped in both the intervention group (from 6% to 4%) and the control group (from 7% to 4%).
Absolute rates of ASCUS with HPV-16/18 were about 2% in the vaccine group and 4% in the control group.
Moreover, after 5 years, members of the three training groups reported less difficulty than did people in the control group in carrying out everyday tasks.
The control group received twelve one-hour lectures delivered by medical doctors with appropriate specializations.
Founded in 1906 by Austrian emigre Louis Turen, Control Group has evolved from a one-man window washing service into one of the nation's leading privately-owned facility maintenance service companies.
After 1 1/2 years, 46 percent of those in the face-to-face intervention group had regained at least five pounds, compared to 55 percent of those in the Internet intervention group and 72 percent of those in the control group.