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Control mode "SEMIAUTOMATIC" (elevator mode, using positioning buttons).
Main circulators (Figure 2) are normally controlled via constant differential pressure or proportional pressure control mode (World Pumps 2009).
A statistical analysis compared the participants' performance in the control mode and in the composite mode.
This control mode contributed to the operational issues identified already by this analysis.
Alternatively, the output voltage of a D/A converter can be used in remote control mode.
At 60-18, they are ahead by three games against nearest rival Oklahoma City Thunder (57-21) and appear to be in cruise control mode in their final games of the regular season.
25 (ANI): The Australian Government went into damage control mode, with Victorian Premier John Brumby on Friday saying that attacks on Indian students were unfortunate.
On the screen picture (Figure 2) of interactive graphical interface, in control mode the term SIMULATION is replaced with term CONTROL.
Nick finds himself in full damage control mode when a blackmailer surfaces demanding a ransom for a sex tape featuring one of the Darlings.
23, the report accuses officials of going into "damage control mode," offering reasons for not warning the campus community.
Selectable parameters include type of input, C or F display, control mode, and heating or cooling.
The pressure limit in pressure control mode sets the actual target pressure and is not a pressure change above PEEP.