control of the market

See: monopoly
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With fundamentals providing a mere backdrop, chartists' control of the market this has caused rapid price swings.
Those currency exchange offices carrying out their activities without licenses cause huge damage to the public budget, and this situation is already starting to go beyond endurance, and the state has to take strict measures for control of the market, the experts of the National Bank believe.
China's investment banks are working with dealmakers to wrest control of the market from western firms currently in strong positions.
The new entity, to be called NASDAQ Private Market (NPM) and to be based in San Francisco, will combine OMX's market and operating expertise with SharesPost's web-based platform, thus enhancing the efficiency and control of the market for private shares, the pair said.
The Government's lack of control of the market and the absence of a carefully planned agricultural strategy are said to be mainly to blame for the sufferings of Egyptian families and to have encouraged the imports of basic commodities from overseas.
For better control of the market, the Customs Administration has already talked with the tobacco company of Skopje and will soon have talks with the tobacco company of Prilep.
Well done to the Premier's statement to step up the war on prices and encourage control of the market here which is racing out of control.
Competition has three major tasks; to immunize consumers from abuse, to curb attempts to gain unfair control of the market and to ensure that any benefits from trade or commerce are passed on down the line to consumers.
The group has almost total control of the market in 108, or 7.4pc, of Britain's 1,452 postal areas, according to a survey conducted by research group CACI.
The group,led by Liverppol-born Terry Leahy,has almost total control of the market in 108,or 7.4%, of Britain's 1,452 postal areas,according to a survey in a Sunday newspaper.
Nokia set out ambitious goals for its new combined cellphone and game console, throwing down the gauntlet on the eve of a worldwide launch as it seeks to wrest control of the market from Nintendo.
The general antitrust approach by the courts has been to apply a "rule of reason" that considers the power and control of the market by the seller.

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