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This property makes the MR fluids functional for the employment in controllable devices [7].
In a controllable event, if airfare, hotel and/or car price goes up at rebooking, JetBlue Getaways will rebook the airfare to the same destination for dates set by the airline at no additional fee and waive any additional hotel/car penalties and/or increases in price for the same destination.
That selective inputs and outputs had formed in regard to non-controllable and controllable factors.
Engineered Machined Products Inc, a provider of innovative electrified thermal and oil management components and systems, is planning to launch a fully controllable electric oil pump.
Controllable expenses: significant underperformance
2000, Burnham & Anderson 2002) to identify factors potentially influencing variation in hunter success for mallards and other dabbling ducks among years and sites in relation to covariates classified as controllable, partially controllable or uncontrollable by agencies or managers.
Energy is the largest controllable operating expense for office buildings," stated Diane S.
It's nothing to do with projection and it involves setting up lots of computer controllable lights inside a building's windows.
I want something that's controllable yet powerful enough to stop an attacker.
Especially when you realize the MR units have 60% fewer parts than controllable dampers built using conventional technology, and are no bigger than non-controllable units.

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