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The main driver for operating result increase was higher net sales in Controlled Environment Business Area.
The Group has over the years acquired expertise in the design and construction of facilities requiring controlled environments such as laboratories, medical and sterile facilities and cleanrooms.
The controlled environment agriculture, or CEA, facility is a hydroponic project that began operating in July 1999.
It's a very controlled environment,'' Burlingham said.
Our new website demonstrates the depth and breadth of our expertise, our client care program and a long track record in decontaminating controlled environments.
The report entitled Growth and development of cereals in a controlled environment with sole source LED lighting manifests the potential to cultivate staple foods in a closed environment at any place in all over the world.
Strategy implementation in Controlled Environment Business Area includes developing sales channel for life science and industrial customers, driving regional expansion and enhancing offering in order to create value for customers' operations.
Contract Notice: Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) platform for static and dynamic imaging of various samples in air and liquid including potential controlled environment.
Through this program, Controlled Environments Magazine(TM), a Vicon publication, recognizes and rewards superior products, technologies, and facilities in the contamination prevention and controlled environment industry.
BOSTON -- TDC Medical, The Device Company, is pleased to announce the installation and certification of their controlled environment manufacturing area.
Kingspan Controlled Environments is the UK's largest manufacturer and supplier of LPCB Insurer Approved PIR (Polyisocyanurate) cored composite panel systems for hygiene-safe and temperature controlled building applications.
High-performance equipment and supply items for personal protection, emergency response, facilities maintenance, hazardous chemical storage/ handling, environmental monitoring, laboratory and radiation protection and controlled environments are detailed.

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