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KEYWORDS: Laparoscopy, Obese, Oxygenation, Pressure controlled ventilation, Volume controlled ventilation.
AIMS OF STUDY: Study & compare pressure and volume controlled ventilation regarding hemodynamic parameters i.
The design of the units will include rigid foam insulation and foam sealant from Dow Building Solutions, cool metal roofing reflective paint and controlled ventilation.
The theory behind controlled ventilation is to assist fresh oxygen-rich air to enter "damp rooms" (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, laundry room, etc) from "dry rooms" (living room, bedroom) via intermediary spaces such as halls and staircases.
If the ventilation provided by the grill is excessive and the source of uncomfortable draughts, then it may be that this can be blocked and replaced by controlled ventilation as long as this is adequate.
Ventilator settings were case1 of volume controlled ventilation and pressure support mode, and then, case 2 of pressure mode ventilation.
How then do we explain to these kids that the invisible, "unsexy" things such as insulation, passive solar heating and controlled ventilation, are enormously more cost-effective than the micro wind turbines or flashy solar-photovoltaics sprouting on the school roof?
Production simulators currently used to assess the fiscal viability of mining projects could also be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of more controlled ventilation.
Genvex specialises in controlled ventilation for residential properties.
For most home designs, simple, controlled ventilation systems can be economical to install and operate.
Until they are no longer infectious, hospitalized TB patients should be isolated in rooms with controlled ventilation and air flow.

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