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CONTROLLERS. Officers who are appointed, to examine the accounts of other officers. More usually written comptrollers. (q.v.)

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Temperature-indicating, controlling, and recording instrumentation includes handheld digital and analog pyrometers, infrared thermometers, thermocouple sensors, scanners and controllers.
As the sand becomes wetter, it bridges the slot and the water addition control is switched to the compactibility controller.
The adoption of our M2M Java technology edge controllers by three innovative system designers like InfoTek Wireless, Rosonix and AssetPulse is an enormous endorsement of our Java technology efforts.
Makes motion-control systems, including control cabinets, motors and converters, controllers, and software.
In contrast to the two methods--non-clustered virtualization and non-virtual clustering--described above, a virtualized clustering architecture provides N virtualized controllers and virtual disks within a clustered system.
Calibrates temperature controllers, indicators, recorders, and transmitters.
In comparison, traditional controller implementation and firmware are unable to match the data integrity capabilities of the RAID Storage Processor.
For a full description of the syllabus and to register for the ($120/ 2 CPE Credits) seminar and comprehensive CFO and Controller courses, please visit www.
SP2100 temperature controller features soft pulse technology for precise continuous flow of power without the on-again/off-again bursts of phase angle firing, thereby reducing stress on heating elements and providing more precise temperature control.
The JBODs and controllers are connected to an external FC-AL hub or are daisy-chained using a three-port hub built into each JBOD and controller.
This requirement would take the current SAN/NAS consolidation a step further by separating the storage controller personality from the physical disk storage.
Temperature controllers with a full range of functional features and degrees of configurability in a variety of models.

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